Ajakpana has won a major victory at the Court of Appeal, Awka!

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Yeah, it’s expected!

Information reaching our news medium on A court case which Igwe Onyekwuluje is claiming over three hundred plots of land situated at Aguakpu quarters of Ajakpana as the land of his Grandfather by name Chief Lazarus Onyekwuluje.

According to the Igwe the said land was acquired for the purpose of deforestation.

The judgment by the high Court yesterday placed more confident on the Judiciary as the last hope of a common man because ONLY a biased Jury/Bench can do otherwise. The instant judgement (of the High Court) is so water-tight you wonder why the foolhardiness of the appellant.

The Counsel representing the people of Ajakpana, Barr. Egwuonwu who has earlier secured victory for ndi ajakpana in an Otuocha High court presided over by justice D,O ,C Amaechina told the justices of the court of Appeal in his presentation that the people of Ajakpana decided to own their lands communally in 1926 after the nine families of Ajakpana village contributed money for the execution of the case against Ojobi.

While I congratulate the team of Ajakpani legal front, let me enjoin the EXCO led by Mr. Michael Ilorah, to avail us with the judgment of the OTUOCHA H/C that nailed the Goliath in his wild goose chase.

Well done Chief Barr Onyechi Egwuonwu and the legal team. Great thanks to the kindreds (the various Umunna) that rooted for justice.

Let the Ajakpani ancestors (who were men) take respite!

Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium!!!

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