Giant strides of an Amazon, Sen. (Princess) Stella Adaeze Oduah OON in transforming Anambra North Constituents

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Anambra North Constituency is no doubt blessed with the emergence of Senator (Princess) Stella Adaeze Oduah OON as the Senatorial representative of the people at the upper Red Chamber in Abuja.

Sen. (Princess) Stella Adaeze Oduah OON

Upon her resumption at the National Assembly, she has dole out series of empowerment programmes and infrastructural developments targeted at improving the living standard and condition of citizens within her Constituents.

Around February 2021, the People’s Democratic Party dedicated Female Senator, Princess Stella Oduah focused her attention on Infrastructural development of Roads, Blocks of School, ICT Centers, Water Borehole projects and Street lights built and some still under construction currently in various LGA’S within the zone .

Sen. (Princess) Stella Adaeze Oduah OON

The Youths from both genders are also beneficiaries of her sponsored skills acquisition training program which covers Welding and Machine fabrication at the Metallurgical Training Institute OBA while
another batch of students are undergoing trainings on Cloth Making and Catering at the Grundtvig Institute to complement her massive skill acquisition programs on e-commerce, ICT, retailing, fish farming etc.

Senator (Princess) Stella Oduah has also set out initiatives aimed at alleviating the plight of the rural poor Women within Anambra North Constituents.


The poverty rate in Nigeria has become an issue that needs urgent intervention and all stakeholders must come together to fashion out a solution out of this quagmire.

In a 2019 report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) titled, “2019 Poverty and Inequality in Nigeria, it highlights that 40 percent of the total population, or almost 83 million people, live below the country’s poverty line of 137,430 naira ($381.75) per year.

This NBS report was based on data from the then round of the Nigerian Living Standards Survey, conducted in 2018-2019 with support from the World Bank’s Poverty Global Practice and technical assistance from the LSMS program.

When we juxtapose the fact that women make up 49% of the Nigerian population, it becomes obvious that this demographic is the worst hit.

It is instructive to note that women are the backbone of every community and when they suffer, the family and nation feel the brunt.

According to her “It is my humble position that a lot more needs to be done for our rural women in terms of empowering them economically so as to be able to face the challenges of catering to the needs of their various homes.

It is on the strength of this that I have come up with a scheme ( EGO MBIDO AFIA- START UP FUNDS FOR RURAL WOMEN ).


It is a proposed scheme that will target 4000 rural poor women in Anambra North to assist them with start up funds for petty trading.

We shall be targeting women desirous of delving into petty trading like Akara selling, vegetables, dried fish, fresh meats, mobile food vending, Okpa, Noodles etc.


As earlier stated, the scheme aims to empower and pull the poorest amongst us (women) away from poverty by providing funds with which they can engage in petty trading.

It is my belief that women that would dedicate these funds to petty trading, would at least get to the point where they can see extra funds to take care of themselves and their families.


A scheme of this nature would naturally require certain strategic stakeholders to bring it to fruition.

Consequently, we shall be partnering with


Every denomination would be required to furnish us details of a specified number of their poorest females.


Each community in Anambra North, through their identified woman leader, shall also be required to furnish us details of a specified number of poor women in their midst.


c) Neighbor 2 Neighbor


It shall be in phases and we shall target 4000 rural women for a start.


The sum of N40,000,000 (Forty Million Naira) shall be made available and each beneficiary is to recieve N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only).

The pivotal role of women in building the economies of their immediate environment cannot be overstated as they are that demographic directly involved with seeing to the well-being of the family and as long as women remain vulnerable to Poverty, their immediate economic environment and the family will always bear the brunt.

Consequently, I am of the humble view that if put to good use, this little seed (money) would go a long way to at least get these women busy and by so doing, put some daily food on their table.”

Recently, the good people of Umunya celebrated Senator (Princess) Adaeze Oduah OON over the construction of Two roads within their jurisdiction.

We the entire members of PDP Ward 1 & 2 Executives and stakeholders were all present during the official visit to the two road sites in Umunya,Oyi LGA being constructed by our amiable Distinguished Senator,Princess Stella Adaezechukwu Oduah (Adanemeogo).

The two roads which are strategically located and of immense importance to the community are Tempo-Teaching Hospital/Ezi-Enemabor Road and Ezi-Umunya-Isioye Road which has reached Asphalting stage.

The Senator also directed the drilling of a Borehole with Overhead Tank in Amugo village square, Odumodu,Umunya and also constructed Solar Street Lights along St Theresa Catholic Church and St James Anglican Church Umunya.

HRH Igwe Kris C Onyekwuluje, Ezenya 1, PG Umunya,Engr Innocent Nwabueze,the entire people of Umunya and PDP members all expressed their joy and appreciation to Sen. (Princess) Stella Oduah for exercising an Exemplary heart of gold and humanitarian service towards her Constituents.

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Chairman, Udoamaka Estate Umunya,Oyi local Government Area Anambra North, Anambra state.