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From Allah we have come and to him we shall return

For Allah knows that which man knows not; his decisions are perfect however deficiently appreciated by man, thus, his actions supercede the deepest thinking of man.

It is said that, what we do for ourselves, die with us but what we do for others, outlive us.

It is on the above premise and the teachings of our religion, that the irreparable loss of our brother Alhaji Abu Ilori on Sunday, August, 22nd, 2021, is surrendered and committed to Allah’s bossom.

It is such a loss colossal and beyond measure especially as we remember his non segregational humanitarian impact on individuals, groups, communities, societies, all demographies across Agege and beyond; late alh abu ilori was exceptionally generously humanitarian and was popular for his reach out to all shades of persons regardless of religious or ethnic affiliation.

We submit to the total will of Allah and take solace in the outpour of appraisals and attestations of the good being of the deceased by the generality of persons and we highly hope for the repose of his soul in the bossom of Allah.

No doubt the Arewa community of Agege, in particular, Lagos and southwest in general have lost a rare gem.

In shaa Allah, tomorrow, Thursday, the 26th of August, 2021, and Monday, the 30th of August, 2021, will be special prayer days for the repose of Alhaji Abu Ilori’s soul in Kano and Lagos respectively; we are all invited.


May Allah SWA admit him into aljannatul firdaus and may he grant his immediate and extended family the fortitude to weather through the vacuum; Allah yasa ka huta Ashsheik

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