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*.. There’s no better time to heed the call than now, says royal father…*

By Ibrahim A. Jagaba

It’s no longer news now, that, the long awaited return from a medical sojourn abroad of the All Progressive Congress’s national leader and former Lagos state governor, senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been laid to rest, as the political heavyweight, finally journeyed-in to the country on Friday 8th of October, 2021, after roughly three months away from Nigeria.

As envisaged, the Jagaban Borgu’s entry to the nation witnessed uncommon buzz and has continued to elicit euphoria across the nation’s divides and this is not unconnected with the political strategist’s spread and appeal across Nigeria; as in the words of HRH Alhaji Ahmed Haruna Kuraja, the Sarki overall and chairman of the assembly of Serikis under the auspices of the chieftaincy council of Arewa community Alimosho, in Lagos state, southwest, Nigeria.

Responding to a select media team, who sought his reaction to the ceremonial celebrations of the APC national leader’s return to the country, the royal father, posited that, without mincing words and in no way wanting to sound political, the euphoria generated and still trailing TINUBU’S return, is symbolic of Nigerians unambiguous call on the Jagaban Borgu to throw his heart into the ring for Nigeria’s stewardship, come 2023, when His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, in shaa Allahu, will be safely, preparing to hand the baton out.

Buttressing his view, he said, the APC national leader, has exemplified beyond doubt that, he’s gifted and graced with administrative acumen, in addition to his progressive prowess and the penchant for a realist turn for the good of the greater number of electorates.

It is on record that, Tinubu, during his stewardship of Lagos state, consolidated on his predecessors successes and even raised the bar to enviable heights, which has remained the yardstick for consecutive successors to the Lagos state governorship seat, Sarki overall affirmed.

He excelled in infrastructural overhaul and most outstandingly was his un-quenching appetite for human capital development; which has apparently yielded the retinue of progressives discovered by him, who are doing very well all over Nigeria and not just in the southwest and Lagos alone.

Now that he is back, hale and hearty, our prayers as custodians of tradition is that, Allah increase him in sound health and the wisdom to do more for humanity as he has come to be known; we also pray for our dear president Muhammadu Buhari and the country at large, that unity and peace should take root and lead to a more secure and safe nation for all, concluded the Sarki overall of Alimosho.

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