HRM Monday Obukohwo Arthur Whiskey(JP), Udurhie 1, Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State has not been removed, he remains Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom.

This was disclosed by Okakuro Onosia James Obriki, Avwebor R’Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom and Chairman, Publicity Committee of Idjerhe kingdom First Year Coronation Anniversary at the Palace of the King in Otorho Idjerhe, traditional headquarters of Idjerhe Kingdom, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, he said that the Kingdom has experienced tremendous development in the last one year of HRM Whiskey’s reign as Ovie of the Kingdom.

Okakuro Obriki congratulated HRM Whiskey on his coronation anniversary, saying, “on behalf of the good people of Idjerhe Kingdom, first, let me congratulate HRM King Obukohwo Monday Arthur Whiskey, Udurhie 1, Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom on his one year coronation anniversary on ascending the throne of his forefathers.”

Debunking the rumours making the rounds that the king has been removed due to a court ruling, Okakurho Obriki has this to say, “coming to the issues of people making careless statements about the court ruling on a motion of Thursday, October 14, 2021, I want to say that our king has not been removed as the Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom.”

He added, “the king is in his palace and has been receiving visitors and indigenes of the Kingdom trooping in and out of the palace. The Court ruling recently does not in any way stop the Coronation Anniversary celebration from taking place. Like I always say, the ship must sail and reach its destination without problems.
I want to assure the people of Idjerhe Kingdom and outside that there is no problem whatsoever with the kingship in Idjerhe Kingdom. Everything is in order. I thank you all for the confidence you have on our King.”

Okakuro Obriki further disclosed that within one year of the king sitting on the throne, he has fought against notable challenges among which are senseless acts of crime, cultism and cyber crimes, adding, “he has among other things re-positioned our great Kingdom to be known among oil producing communities in Nigeria.”

He spoke further, “the enthronement of our king as the traditional head of the kingdom has brought enormous blessings to all our people and a new sense of direction that is propelling the Kingdom to greater heights.”

Okakuro Obriki further added, ” I salute His Royal Majesty for his courageous and visionary leadership which has provided huge impetus for the sons, daughters and friends of Idjerhe Kingdom to continue doing their various legitimate businesses peacefully in our communities. Let me inform everyone that the preparations for the celebration of the coronation anniversary is in top gear.”

He listed the programme of events for the anniversary, “
Friday, October 22, 2021, Carnival/procession and paying of homage by indigenes and non-indigenes to take place at Ovie’s Palace Otortor-Idjerhe.
Saturday, October 23, 2021 Installation of Chieftaincy titles on befitting indigenes and non-indigenes.
Sunday, October 24, 2021, will be thanksgiving service at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Otorho-Idjerhe, after which reception will be held at Idjerhe Grammar School playground at 10 am.

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