Of Anambra Commissioner For Education:


Public office holders should know that they are accountable to the people.

All political appointees serving under Prof Soludo led Administration, should becareful not to mess up the system that we are patiently waiting for productive leadership and good governance. Advisedly, the Soludo’s administration had started on good note, and the momentum should be sustained.

If you’re not ready to serve ndi Anambra diligently, with every sense of humility, kindly throw in the towel, and get out of the scene. We cannot afford a repeat of the recent ugly past.

If you think it’s business as usual, we will drag you up and down in this spartial space without recourse to your position or title. We will not allow arrogant public officials, insolently proud individuals to Lord over us, never, not again.


Comrade Chuma-Odili Harris Udoka(PhD)
I’m Ogene Igbo

As Watchdogs,
We are not asleep!

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