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Is Uninterrupted Power Impossible in Nigeria ?

james kehinde
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Do we Manufacture High Tension Cables, Transformers, Turbines, Dynamos, Insulators, Fuses, Voltage Regulators, Diverters

Is there any City or State that is Experiencing 24hr Electricity in Nigeria  after 60yrs of Independence. We have moved forward in some areas but in Power we are Regressing.

What are we going to do to Change our Power Paradigm as lack of Power is Killing Nigerians, it's a major factor in Expanding Insecurity, Reducing our Productivity, Causing Unemployment and Expanding Poverty.

Uninterrupted Power should be the No.1 Priority of Executives and Legislators. 

We have Uranium yet no Nuclear Power plant we have Vast River Networks with Annual Flooding yet we are Hardly Harnessing our Maximum Hydro Capacity, Our Gas is being Flared off, Wind is l not being Captured and we Refuse to Harness our Abundant Sun. 

What Really is the Purpose of Govt if after 60yrs it cant find a Meaningful Practical Policy to Enable States, Local Govts, Cities, Towns & or Villages to have 24hrs Electricity 

writing: by Femi Oke

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