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Personal income tax

F oke
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Many People the World Over do not like paying their Personal Income Tax especially those paying the Higher rate of 40% Income Tax.
Many seek Legitimate Tax Reduction Schemes whilst Some Opt for Illegal Tax Avoidance Schemes and some Fail to Declare All their Income. 
However Everyone the World Over Accept that Paying Taxes are Their Civic Responcibility to Fund the Running of Govt Operations
All over the World Citizen's have Concerns as to Govts Management & Often Mismanagement of their Taxes. Some Legitimately Question the High Levels of Personal IncomeTax & other Taxes they Pay with Reservations about the Inefficient ways their Govts Manage & Spend their Taxes, Nevertheless they Accept Overwhelming that it is their Legal Oblugation to Pay their Taxes.
Many are Legitmately Concerned about Corruption in Govt, lack of Transparency & Accountability Yet they Accept that by Paying their Taxes As & Voting they have a Right and a Say in Scrutinising their Govts, Holding them to Account, Removing them if they are Found wanting and Seeking their Prosecution & Conviction of their Corrupt Elected Officials & their Complicit Civil Servants & or Contractors.
The Govts the World Over for Centuries have Put in place Mechanisms to Ensure all its Citizens of Working Age, all Businesses, Corporations  & Seperate Legal Entities are Registered for Tax Collections with Servere Penalties for all those that Flout thier Tax Laws. 
In the Past Flouting of Tax Laws were Punished by Death Now they Come with Stiff Punitive Sanctions including Hefty Fines, Confiscation of Assets and Lengthy Prison Sentences as a Severe Deterrent to Would be Tax Dodgers & Tax Evaders.
Please can Someone Tell Me why Nigeria is Totally Different. Why are our Various Govts, Elected & Appointed Officials Exercising Gross Dereliction of Duties in Failing to Develop a Robust Database of All Working Age Adults, Businesses & Separate Legal Entities
Why is our Govt Failing to Register all its Citizens of Working Age Automatically when they Reach the Age of 18 onto the Tax Register in Each State & FIRS.
Why is our Govt Not Apprehending and Prosecuting Tax Dodgers & Tax Evaders as well as those Underdeclaring their Incomes with Hefty Fines, Confiscation of Assets & Imprisonment with Hefty Scentences to Serve as a Strong Deterrent to Would be Tax Dodgers.
Why are Nigerians Totally Different to Ordinary People the World Over. *We are Not Exceptional* Why do Nigerians Use the Excuse of Corruption, Mismanagement, Govt Waste, Lack of Transparency & Lack of Accountability to Not Preform their Legal Civic Duties to Register, Declare Their Annual Income from all Sources and Pay their Income Tax.
It is No wonder the State of Governance in Nigeria is so Poor, Corruption Rampant & Infrastructure so Decrepit. Citizens of Most Countries would not stand for this.
Those who do not pay their Personal Income Taxes using such Excuses are the Most Corrupt People in Nigeria It will Interest you to Know that most of Nigeria's Richest People, our  Elite Including Most of Our Stinkingly  Corrupt Politicians who cannot Account for the Sources of their Stupendous Wealth & Assets are the Worst Tax Dodgers, who Grossly Under Declare their Sources of Legal & Illegitimate Income and Underpay Tax 
As with the Gangster Alcapone; who Died in Prison for Tax Evasion, even Criminals are Supposed to Declare & Pay Taxes on their Illegally Gotten Wealth. That should be one of the Charges against Hushpuppi & his Elk who may suffer the same Fate in an American Prison
Citizens of other Countries the World Over Ensure such Misery of Inept Governance as we are Experiencing at all Levels of Governance in Nigeria does not happen to them by making Sure they pay their Personal Income Tax & all Other Govt Taxes to have a Say and a Voice to Insist on Good Governance.
Please Register, Declare Your Annual Income & Pay Your Personal Income Tax & all other Legitimate Govt Taxes as the Long Arm of the Law will Eventually Come to Get You and the  Consequences may lead to your Imprisonment. If you are doing the  Needfull may God Continue to Bless You Mightily
Femi Oke
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