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the Nigerian infrastructural GAP

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The Question rather is: What is the Income Profile of Nigeria what is the Infrastructure Deficit Gap that Keeps Expanding and Why should we not Borrow with Historically Low Interest Rates.
Time to Think Outside the Box. USA is the Worlds largest Debtor Indebted to China alone in the Hundreds of $Billions.
Debt in of itself is not a Death Sentence. it is how you use it that matters. Inefficient use without an Effective Repayment Plan such as Tolls, Tax or Concessions is why we have Problems with Debt & Debt Repayment.
We need to Change the Paradime and Look at Economy and Debt as a Tool to Develop our Infrastructure and Fast Track our Infrastructure Industrialisation with Full Transparency and Accountability of all Debt Spending
It is Corrupt & inefficient use of Debts & its use to pay Recurrent Expenditure, Feed the People that is the Pronlem. 
Govt should be Creating a Conducive Environment for Private Enterprise, Welfare and Human Capital Development to Thrive. Govt is Trying but at a Snail Pace on a Jet Age Baba Go Slow's Govt has to Pick up the Pace.
If they are not aware they only have about 2 and a half years left till the end of their 2nd Term. If they don't realize the Urgency now by next Year it will be too late as Politics  for 2023 will start in Earnest. 
We have been giving Govt ample Advice & Notice of Ample Pitfalls awaiting them if they don't  take  some Drastic and Rapid Measures today 
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