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As posted by *Sandra Ann Pope*


"Hi, Everyone...I have a *cataract* on one eye and *glaucoma* and have been taking one sachet of *seed based nutritional supplements a day for 6mths now* .

And I can honestly say my vision is 100%  improved✅ and the eye pressure is managed now .

But the most amazing thing of all is that, normally with *glaucoma* it tends to make the whites of the eyeball a yellowish tinge , so much so, I could pick out people with the same condition as me .

Also with the *glaucoma* I used to have the tennise ball spots.. floaters..passing my vision ..but not anymore

since taking these *seed based nutritional supplements*✅,  my eyeballs are a perfect white and clear colour. 

Which to me, proves that *seed nutrition l* has reached my brain and is affecting everything for the better"✅


*Please note that this represents the poster's view and personal experience with the supplements*


*Wow! our products are powerful.* 






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*Yes! Our products work*


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