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Extorted by NURTW

F oke
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The Money  Illegally being Extorted by NURTW on a Daily Basis  is said to be More than the IGR of Most states
What Law or Regulations in which State has Formalized NURTW to Collect Taxes on the behalf of the state please provide Corroboratory  Evidence and Facts as I am not aware of any such laws  which are likely to be Unconstitutional 
If indeed they are Collecting Taxes on behalf of Govt whether Local, State or Federal. Such Taxes must be Declared and made Public. Such funds should be paid Directly into the Govt single Treasury Account TSA
Freedom of Information Law also Requires that all Citizens can Request Records of such Funds and why are the Various Legislatures silent on these as they would be subject to the  usual Legislative Scrutiny. 
Freedom of Association is just that a Freedom and not Compulsion. *Collecting Union Dues by Force or Cohesion is Illegal and must be Challenged*.
When are we going to stand up for what is right in Nigeria and stop Supporting or Promoting Illegality.
Answers to all these Questions would be  much appreciated 
Injustice and authorized stealing as well as Failure to Declare Income, Assets & Pay Requisite Taxes must stop. 
This is one Anti Corruption Fight Our PMB's Govt needs to put at the Forefront to Save Nigeria from its Woes
Femi Oke
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