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the trick of life
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the trick of life

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james kehinde
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Some times life play some tricks on us all, some times our ways are not as we wanted,  our  paths are dents with scares, our score cards are not as pleasant as those who do not try any as much as we did
some times our days are not obliterated with light as we wish, there  are ticks and tin, there are pills as their are  oils. there are blows as there are wins.
We must learn that there is no static state in the orbit. there is only strain motions
We must therefore move and do it otherwise,
It is by this that our antics become a testament and our labour remain unlost. we cook the bane of life and triumph over the saga of time. This is the way of great men, this is strong meat of life. The cheapest show is suicide and the quickest is to pack it all up. The simplest is to fix our psych to our  pain and Allow it to alienate us from the truth,  the end is weakness and the final is the feel of total lost. As if we are the worst and ours is it. But that is  the trick life play on the weak to truncate any beauty that may lay afore.
Let us know it that the culture of life is what you accept it to be and when you opt to change it, it  is yours for the take, no one holds you back but yourself,  that is the truth and nothing but it.