Wike’s Camp Makes U-Turn, Claims Martin’s Group Never Left PDP

In a surprising turn of events, Chief Wike’s camp has filed a counter affidavit through the National Chairman of the PDP, claiming that the Martin’s Group never left the party. This comes after they initially sought to be joined in a suit seeking to remove 25 APC lawmakers in Rivers State who defected from the PDP.

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The unexpected move has raised eyebrows, as the Martin’s Group had publicly declared their defection to the APC and even attended a reception event organized by the factional APC leadership led by Tony Okocha.

Legal experts say this new development could lead to an interesting argument in court, as Wike’s camp will have to explain how the lawmakers can claim to still be PDP members despite their public declarations and actions to the contrary.

The move is seen as a sign of desperation, as Wike’s camp has realized that President Tinubu will not interfere with the situation in Rivers State. By claiming they never left the PDP, they may be trying to avoid legal consequences for their defection.

The case continues to unfold, with many watching to see how the court will rule on this latest development.

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