INTERPOL President Maj. Gen. Ahmed Naseer Al-Raisi paid familiarization visits NSA Mal. Nuhu Ribadu. Discussed issues of national security.

During the Interpol President’s official working visit to Nigeria, a significant meeting took place between the Interpol President and the Nigerian National Security Adviser. The discussions primarily centered around matters of crucial national interest. The Interpol President emphasized the organization’s commitment, under his leadership, to combating a wide array of crimes in the African region, ranging from cybercrime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, and other cross-border criminal activities.

The focus extended to fostering the use of Interpol’s tools and services, particularly in Nigeria, being the most populous country in Africa. The meeting highlighted the importance of leveraging data and Interpol’s resources to enhance law enforcement capabilities across the region.

A pivotal moment during the meeting was the Vice President of Interpol for Africa, who hails from Nigeria, presenting several requests on behalf of Africa at the INTERPOL Executive Committee meeting. These requests ultimately resulted in the historic appointment of the first Director of the Anti-Corruption Department at the Interpol General Secretariat, an individual from Nigeria, further solidifying the commitment to tackling corruption within the organization.

Certainly! In response to the Interpol President’s address, the Nigerian National Security Adviser stressed the critical importance of Interpol’s support in Nigeria’s ongoing battle against kidnapping, banditry, terrorism and various transnational organized crimes. Moreover, the NSA made a particular request for Interpol’s assistance in tackling the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, an issue significantly impacting the security landscape in the region. This request underlines the pressing need for collaborative efforts to curb these threats within the country and across borders.

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