Like Father,Like Son as Alfred Diete-Spiff Jnr becomes American Naval Officer

The Royal home of their Majesties,King Alfred Diete-Spiff and Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff witnessed an uncommon celebration as their Son Prince Alfred Diete-Spiff Jnr graduates as an American Naval Officer taking after his father who was also a member Royal Navy (British).

Alfred Diete-Spiff Jnr,the only Son who took after his father’s footsteps as a Naval Officer has proven himself worthy after undergoing series of test to ascertain his capabilities.

Though from a Royal lineage,Alfred Diete-Spiff Jnr has proven himself to be focused, dedicated, intelligent and of impeccable character which earn him the feat.It would be recalled that Commander Alfred Papapreye Diete-Spiff Rtd rose to become the first Military Governor of Rivers State.

The graduation ceremony was graced by His Majesty,King Alfred Diete-Spiff,the Amanyanabo of Twon Brass Kingdom who receives the first salute from his Son and witnessed by the Mother,Her Majesty,Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff of Twon Brass Kingdom.

Congratulatory messages coming from far and near to the Royal Family and the prince as he becomes American Naval Officer.

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