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Some very Useful Investment Analysis for Various Sectors, Products & Services Especially in Agric from Nigetian Investment Promotion Commission NIPC
Investment in Nigeria from both local & Foreign Investors has been on the downward Trend for a Number of Yrs now and Covid has Worsoned the Sutuation such that NIPC has Recorded 67% $10.9bn fall in 2020 Investment Commitments Compared to 2019 which also fell from 2018.
The Cooperation between Agencies Targeted at Easing Doing Business in Nigeria, NEPC, NEPZ, NIPC, NIDC, State & Local Govts needs to be Strengthened. 
Our Foreign Missions Ought to Serve as One Stop Shops to Ease Investment from Diaspora, other Foreign Nationals & Companies
I will like to ask are our Commercial Attaches Set Specific Targets to Generate Set amounts of Direct Investments Each Month, Quarter & Year. If not Why not.
These Figures should be made Public and Officers Consistently Failing to Meet Targets Removed.
What Initiatives has the  Nigerian Diaspora NIDC Commission put in Place to Actively Engage the Diaspora to Increase Investments in Nigetia Especially Now at this time of Global Pandemic.
Is the Commission Equally Tasked with Set Amounts of Verifiable Investments to Achieve Periodically, with Monitoring and Recriminations for Failures to Achieve Targets.
I have long Advocated for NIDC to have Sub offices in major Countries such as US, UK, Canada & Ireland etc with large Nigerian Populations so as to Ease the Entry & Investment from Diaspora into Nigeria. Such Offices can be either a Desk at the High Commission or In Parynership with Private Firms
This is more Relevant Today especially with the Travel Restrictions imposed by Covid.
The Recently Revealed Economic Recovery Plan requires each state to Devote 100,000 Hectares to Agric but the Land Use Act, Hostile Local Communities and Lack of State Cooperatikn is likely to Frustrate this. Will it be another Grdat Plan.on Paper but Invisinle in Reality.
Many Diaspora & other Investors will love to Key into this what Transparent &  Measurable Steps are being taken to Actively Engage them
Nigeria Unfortunately is not an Investment Destination of Choice due to Numerous Factors Invluding Lack of Ease of Doing Business, Poor Infrastructure, Too much Red Tape & Regulations, Multiple Taxes, Unstable & Declining Currency, Poor Security & lack of Power.
In such Situations we need to go after Investors Especially in the Diaspora and not wait Resting on our Laurels waiting for the few Diehard Brave Investors to Venture into Nigeria being Subject to 419 or Travails of Family & Friends.
What can and must be done to Dramatically Improve Our Investment Figures let's Discuss. Nigerians need Jobs & they Need them Now.
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