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[Sticky] life a riddle

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The world we live in  the riddle of one
The life we live is the riddle of all 
The life we life in the riddle to all
 reward a'r n'er equal the deed 
The wise are not always that rewarded 
The fools are not  always that rewarded 
The is the sagacity of our word 

The goods and the bad may same paid 
The wicked and the neat may same be given 
Life a riddle life a riddle a dance to no win 
A Dance to no loose  a win to all loss 

Me fear thee  oh  lacunar  me reel thee on life
we have done our best if our best equal the best 
it is  role they will tell us the best, the is life 
the is the sagacity of our sphere 
this is the riddle this is our world

                                     by J S kehinde The poet  




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