Relocation Of Ọgbọgwụ Medicine Market Onitsha, Traders Insist They Are Going To Ogbunike.

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Joshua Ozurumba

In response to the plans of Anambra State Government to decongest Onitsha metropolis and environs, most market have already started making plans to relocate to other sites before the deadline of the Government, but some shenanigans have continued to frustrate the plans and agreement reach already by the Ogbunike Main Market Development Committee and the Medicine Market known as Ọgbọgwụ relocating to their preferred Ogbunike location where the Government has already secured a sixty-four (64) hectares of land for interested Markets.

The Medicine market who earlier this week protested against the choice of their former market Chairman who reached an agreement with some criminals masquerading as developers to acquire lands which is in dispute and in Erosion site at Oba said they are being frustrated to relocate to their preferred Ogbunike choice where a Government acquired land has been provided to them by Ogbunike Main Market Development Committee.

Large majority of the Traders are most willing to move to Ogbunike for its proximity and greater affordability, cost wise. Against the site at Oba in Idemili, which they said is in Erosion troubled area and a land in dispute.

The Traders said the choice of Ogbunike was well thought out and an agreement was already reached by Traders, including the Government representatives and the Ogbunike Main Market Development Committee, the site is an adjoining area of Onitsha and fast developing area, the proximity and size of land endeared the traders to Ogbunike and there’s No going back from their original plans.

Ogbunike is today hosting various major markets in the State like Building Materials, Flour Mill & Bakery, Bicycle Spare Parts Market, Aluminum Market, Cosmetics and other International Markets and still reserves the capacity to host many.

The proximity from Onitsha to Ogbunike is only seven (7) minutes drive with excellent town planning security and good Roads; Ogbunike has the capacity to host more interested markets willing to to relocate.